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Basic HTML

Welcome to the first lesson in the Information Solutions section of National 3. 

This lesson will teach you about HTML

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We use websites all the time in our every day lives to access information.

The code behind webpages is called HTML

This stands for Hyper Text Markup Language


HTML is written in tags that look like this: < >

The basic tags you will need for this lesson are:





The majority of tags work in pairs with <html> showing the start (a bit like a capital letter at the start of a sentence), and then a </html> at the end to show that the section is finished (a bit like a full stop).

  • You will need software to write your code – in these lessons we will use either Notepad or Notepad++
  • You will also need a web browser, such as Chrome, Edge, Safari etc., that allows you to view your code as a webpage.

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