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Poem For My Sister Quiz

Poem For My Sister

My little sister likes to try my shoes,
to strut in them,
admire her spindle-thin twelve-year-old legs
in this season's styles.

She says they fit her perfectly,
but wobbles
on their high heels, they're
hard to balance.

I like to watch my little sister
playing hopscotch,
admire the neat hops-and-skips of her,
their quick peck,

never-missing their mark, not
over-stepping the line.

She is competent at peever

I try to warn my little sister
about unsuitable shoes,
point out my own distorted feet, the callouses,
odd patches of hard skin.

I should not like to see her
in my shoes.
I wish she could stay
sure footed,
sensibly shod. 

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